Our Journeys ™

Our Journeys ™


All of us here have different stories on how we have gravitated to the SlowMo.fit protocol and we’ll tell those stories with the links to the documentation that we used to come to the realization that this technique is the best fitness method. This blog was started with the idea for all of us to keep updated with all the material that is highlighted on this site and any new studies and/or material that we come across.  We might not agree on all the topics and/or subject matter on this site but the concepts of the SlowMo.fit weight training is the foundation of why we are here.  This blog can be followed by reading our stories with hyperlinks to articles that gave us the ammunition to endorse this protocol or you can scroll though the articles & documentation listed under each tab to better understand this weight lifting technique.


I’m 62 and I feel like I have finally found the best fitness method that I’ve been looking for my entire life and I wish I would have found so much earlier in my life.

As far back as I can remember I always took health fitness very seriously.  Being a 1960’s child I grew up with The Cooper’s Institute that aerobics is the way to go for fitness.  So I followed the “the experts” and ran 10K’s, participated in triathlon’s, played a lot of Basketball.

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