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SlowMo.fit was formed by individuals who have embraced a weight training technique that goes by many names Super Slow, HIT, Body by Science, just to name a few, and these individuals would like to keep up-to-date on any information that pertains to this technique.  For simplicity purposes the name of the blog SlowMo.fit will be used on this site to refer to this technique.

This protocol isn’t new it is based on ideas from the 1940’s and 1960’s called 10/10 (10 second lifting 10 second lowering that is one rep) like standard strength training, you load a muscle with resistance (weight) and work the muscle to failure. The key difference with Slomo.fit constant tension on the muscle is used.  You take a particular muscle and stress it to the point of absolute failure by not letting it rest during a set. There is no bounce, no speed to help push though weak points. You cannot cheat a lift you’re lifting the weight with a “super slow tempo” of 6-10 seconds so that every muscle fiber within the muscle has been recruited and then fatigued. 

when you lift a weight you will recruit your slow twitch muscle fibres, when they fatigue then you recruit your intermediate & some fast fibres, when they fatigue – and only under extreme circumstances – your body will then recruit the remaining fibres in the muscle, at which point when THEY fatigue then there is literally nothing else the body can do to move the weight. Now in contrast, if you were doing a standard set of 12 reps of push-ups, every time you lock out your slow twitch muscle fibres get a brief opportunity to recover. Sure you will still hit a fatigue point, but that fatigue may not come as a result of total muscle fibre fatigue

All the other topics (Cardio, Diet, Health) on the blog are subsets of a the Slomo.fit weight training.

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